We provide comprehensive consultation packages for every landscape design.

From simple garden renovations to full scale landscaping projects. Sandhill Nursery’s professional team of experts will meet with you at your home or cottage. We will come prepared to assess your property and landscape problems.

Let our experienced staff advise and guide you along as you enter into the design process.

Designing even the smallest of gardens can be overwhelming for many. The Muskoka terrain, soil conditions and the wildlife present many challenges. Sandhill Nursery’s professional design team is here to assist you. We’ll measure, assess soil, and consider light conditions and drainage. We’ll listen to your ideas and take notes and work to create a design that will enhance your outdoor living space. Sandhill’s team of experts will meet with you at your home or cottage. We’ll measure the space and assess the soil and drainage. We’ll listen to your ideas and take notes on any existing gardens that will be incorporated into the design.

We’ll provide you with a full, detailed drawing of your garden design.

This design diagram will be a scaled drawing of your property and will serve as an invaluable blueprint for your project. Accompanying the drawing will be a comprehensive plant list with detailed planting and care instructions. You can bring your diagram and plant list into Sandhill and our experienced, helpful staff will assist you in choosing all of the plants you’ll need to realize your customized design. Sandhill Nursery can also install your new garden. We are happy to provide quotes which include plant material and labour breakdowns.


Our landscape designs incorporate both softscapes and hardscapes.

In addition to designing the layout of the plants, trees and shrubs, our landscape designs include shoreline restoration, foundation and privacy plantings. We have years of expertise in incorporating rock work, walkways, stairways, patios, ponds, and a variety of unique property features.

Our landscape designs will save you from making costly mistakes.

We know what grows well in all the soil conditions in Muskoka. We know which plants the deer are especially fond of – and which ones they are not! A Sandhill design will be customized to the unique conditions of your property. Our landscape designs result in thriving gardens.

A comprehensive landscape design allows you to work in stages.

With your plan in hand and a clear direction of where you are going and a vision of what it will look like when it is finished – you don’t need to do everything at once. Our professional landscape designs marry colour schemes, bloom times and proportions seamlessly. The end result will be a breath-taking garden oasis!


We come to your property and install your new garden.

Our team of landscapers ensure an efficient and successful installation. We have the equipment and the expertise to get your garden looking exactly as you would like it. And we do all the work! Once onsite we survey the property for any problematic areas. We address issues such as tile beds, septic systems, drainage and waterways.

Our professional installations give your plants the best chance to thrive.

Our landscapers are well versed in the proper planting procedures.

We will save you time, money and energy.

Our teams are quick and efficient and we bring all the necessary soil and mulch by the truckload. We have a full array of equipment to get the job done. We can access anywhere – including remote properties and island properties.

We build hardscapes.

We have the equipment and expertise to build stunning retaining walls, steps, walkways, and patios. We can modify the contours of your property, excavate, plan and implement drainage solutions and much more.


We can do your spring clean-up.

We’ll remove leaves and broken branches, cut back perennials, fertilize, mulch and spray for deer. We’ll get your garden ready for the season. We also do annual plantings, planters and hanging baskets.

In the autumn, we’ll get your garden ready for winter.

We’ll cut back the perennials, spray for deer, protect and wrap, clean out planters and annual beds and prune shrubs.

We offer scheduled maintenance throughout the growing season.

You can arrange for us to come at weekly, bi-weekly or monthly intervals to weed, deadhead, fertilize, water and inspect for disease and bugs.Take the time to relax and enjoy your beautiful garden while we take care of the work. We’ll keep your property looking it’s best – even when you’re not there.